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12v auto led lightsThe first. 3 hundred 24 HP cars were created. Designed by Giuseppe Merosi, the car had updated specifications through, including a single shaft as well as a monobloc engine transmission. It stood apart for its exceptional pick-up and carefully-built mechanical components. For racing, Merosi developed the 15 HP Corsa in 1911 with a power output of 45 HP. Improvements were made to this version in 1914 (the 15-20 HPs), the much less complex however just as vibrant 12 HP was produced following the 24 HP.

The 12 Volt DC limelight with a current draw of 200 mA (2.4 Watt) has a lighting of 130 Lux within 1m distance, the equivalent of a 20 Watt halogen spotlight. I placed the completed control panel right over my workbench, and also it behaves to be able to include all that bright LED light to my workspace. Being able to attach power cords to the screw terminals on the top and base will certainly make future electric projects easier, also.

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